Watch Out for Fireworks

This happened on 4 July 2013…

Gigs! All the Gigs!

This happened this weekend! It was an epic whirlwind of gigs and productivity in Jananna Land (a place where Willy Wonka from the 70′s is always playing on giant screens and things taste like peanut butter). Thursday was a round at Flipnotics with Katie and Emily and us.

Monkey Nest - Austin
Friday, Jananna celebrated Anna’s 25th birthday in style at Monkey Nest Coffee and Havilah Rand played, too. (We also partook in a midnight showing of The Heat, with our two favorites Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy…Hilarious).

Monkey Nest - Austin
Saturday we coerced our friend Mo McMorrow to film us with her amazing eye and camera and did a couple of tunes for the Youtubes.

Then we opened a show in Pasadena, TX for the one the lovely Susan Gibson. We stopped at Bucc-ee’s twice that day. That is a good day.

(We stole all those photos from Spring – thank you Spring!)

Paper Rock Scissors

Here’s a video we made with the help of Mo McMorrow and her fabulous camera and even fabulous-er eye. Let there be light…

The Big Bang


Jana says:

We met at a gig that didn’t exist. I mean, the gig existed and we went to it, but the sound guy didn’t exist, so we didn’t end up playing the gig. That was April 7th, 2013, and I’m pretty proud and impressed that this website launched on June 17. I never move that fast at anything.

Anna adds:

Admittedly, I am not known for being super outgoing. I find it difficult, actually. Not that I don’t love people. It’s just the whole making conversation thing that slips away from me, and before I know it I am talking about a sports team I’ve never heard of and making neutral obvious comments about the weather and such that make everyone want to facepalm.

Or, I just malfunction entirely. A lot of the time what registers in my brain as “Hi, I’m Anna. How’s it going? Cool guitar! Do you play around Austin?” Comes out as “HI. Anna? Guitar, GOOD. Has you any playings in Austin town?”

Jana might as well have “approachable human being” tattooed on her face. For this reason, I wobbled up, said some sort of iteration of “Hi. Anna, name. Play you musics, you?”

We hit it off over a whiskey and left it as one of those “let’s probably play music sometime in the nebulous future” kind of deals. She gave me a copy of her second EP “For & Against,” which I immediately listened to and was blown away by. Unbeknownst to her and myself, that’s when I contrived my hidden agenda to attempt joint songwriting.

So, what do you get when you cross a non-gig, two history loving scion drivers, and a couple or five shots of whiskey?

Jananna, apparently.

Jana continues:

I, too, am a pretty bad extrovert. I’m such a bad extrovert that I’m an introvert. It’s a good thing Anna has some social graces and walked over to say hello because I was busy trying to melt into the wall. The other thing is that when people say, “Hey let’s jam sometime” I usually just forget about it because people don’t often mean it, and I get busy and forgetful. But lucky for me I determined pretty quickly that not only was Anna a great singer/songwriter/fiddle player because I stalked her on Soundcloud, but she was HILARIOUS. She met up with Katie and I for a musical hang, and then we decided to get together and do that thing songwriters do which is write songs. Lo and behold, IT STARTED WORKING! What?

The other thing happening about this time is that I had made the decision that 2013 was the year of doing my music thing with a real focus, instead of just meandering around the subject. While I was doing okay at writing and playing out sometimes, it gets…lonely. It gets in your head. Me driving to Houston to play a show by my lonesome wasn’t on my list of things to do. It’s amazing what happens when you find a co-conspirator collaborator (and hey, someone to potentially share the driving duties to Houston). Things that seemed like a chore are suddenly absolutely in your wheelhouse of “Stuff To Do.”

So here we are, doing a lot of stuff. We have some shows booked and a big mess of lyrics stewing ’round in our heads and our Google docs, and a name for a genre we are pretty sure doesn’t yet exist. We’ll be writing folk songs, we’ll be writing rap songs, we’ll be squishing them together into folk rap.


Jananna long distance.

We can’t contain the nerdery and puns even over great distances.

Well, aren’t you just Frac-tastic!

From Anna:


Well, we got our act together. Welcome to our shiny new blog! We have videos! And Rainbow! Unicorns forthcoming, we hope…

So here’s what we gon’ do. Everything that we think is interesting, humorous, or just plain worth sharing, will go here. Oh, and also music stuff.

So, fractals. Well aren’t the just freaky interesting?


A curve or geometric figure, each part of which has the same statistical character as the whole.

When I was 10, I spotted a must-have binder for school. It looked something like this:


It was an artist’s rendering of a mathematical fractal. The perfect mix of math and Lisa Frank. It was beautiful…a colorful mess of simultaneous uniqueness and sameness.

The weirder thing? This happens in nature. Like, all the time. Seashells, trees, lightning, rivers, snowflakes, galaxies…they are all made up of tinier parts that resemble the whole.

All this to say that this may happen on a never ending scale. Electrons revolve around a nucleus, the moon revolves around the Earth, the planets revolve around the sun…it goes on and on. So, it would seem that we are all a part of something that seems to want to resemble itself.

It’s strangely comforting…whenever we think we are so different that it’s just unbearable, remember: you are unique. Just like everyone else.

Jana’s two cents:

I, too, had a fractal Trapper Keeper. It was after the pastel pink one with a kitten on it and before the one covered in planets that were colors not found in space. I considered myself a fractal expert after reading Jurassic Park for the 4th time as a 14 year old. The movie is great but scientifically it’s for chumps. If you want some REAL pseudo-science, you have to read Crichton in all his dinosaur-cloning glory. It made me question scientific ethics and wonder…if I could, would I really clone a T-Rex and put it on and island and charge money to see it? Yeah, I would.


We don’t have a T-Rex yet or even a mere compsognathus to parade around at the merch table, but I am so excited about the possibilities of my brain and Anna’s brain making music together that we might as well have an island off the coast of Costa Rica full of majestic genetic mutations. Thanks for checking this out…it makes you more unique than anyone else.


Hello? Wherever you are?